Offered Listings


Local Socials Members are invited to list here any events that might become a focus for members to meet, and/or their own offers to host events - if you can put the date and the approximate venue and ask members to RSVP, you can tell them the exact venue when they get in touch.

Arts & Crafts

All items listed in our online Etsy shop We can supply all craft items in the cleancropsshop Etsy shop at 50% MERTS, but we need any postage (Royal Mail) in sterling please - sterling payments by bank, credit card or paypal: (postage sterling, 50% merts)
Any item from my Etsy shop (undecided merts)
Creative & Resourceful Using "rubbish" to make or design ideas. (hourly rate = 6 merts)

Business & Administration

Administration Some short term administration (hourly rate = 7 merts)
Graphic Design Graphic Designs for design eg logos etc. Cartography for short term map work. (hourly rate = 7 merts)

Children & Childcare

Babysitting I am enhanced CRB checked and work for Barnstaple Childrens Centre as a Counsellor. I am able to offer babysitting to enable you to have some time off or an evening out. Rate: 5 MERTS an hour before midnight, 8 MERTS an hour from midnight until 2am; later than this by negotiation. (hourly rate 5-8 merts)

Computers and Internet

Getting on Social Media Do you need help getting onto social media and want to connect with friends and family? I can help you learn how to do just that in a simple and friendly way.
IT Computer Helpline, graphics, software and hardware, Internet research. (Warnings will be given if solutions are uncertain). (hourly rate = 7 merts)
IT Tutoring and guidance One to one assistance with computer based issues, helping you to use and learn about software or hardware problems to improve your confidence with doing the things you want to, on your computer.


Chemical-free herb rich salad packs Full flavoured green salads with or without onion and garlic and with or without edible flowers - freshly picked by order - 50:50 merts:sterling plus postage in sterling if ordered through our cleancropsshop Etsy shop (sterling payments by bank, credit card or paypal): (postage sterling, 50% merts)
Homegrown chemical-free fresh herbs Freshly picked sage, peppermint, golden or gold tipped marjoram, lemon balm, bayleaves or comfrey through our cleancropsshop Etsy shop: (postage sterling, 50% merts)

Gardening & Yard Work

Chemical-free plants Fruit bushes 1.50 MERTS + 1.50, Herb plants 0.50 MERTS + 0.50, Strawberry plants 0.50 MERTS + 0.50, Flower plants 0.25 MERTS + 0.25 (50% merts)
Conservation Consultancy Providing consultancy for the creation of Conservation Areas - with design, knowledge and ideas to increase and enhance your area. (hourly rate = 7 merts)
Landscape Design Designing of space for gardens or other areas. (hourly rate = 6 merts)

Health & Personal

Counselling I am an Integrative Counsellor, and a Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I am fully insured. I work with a variety of different issues from depression, anxiety, trauma and historical trauma, to general life issues and crises. Please contact me for an informal chat for you to decide whether we can work together. (per session 10 + 10 merts)
Listener/Support Available for health and personal wellbeing...listening and supportive role. (hourly rate = 6 merts)
Prescription Collection / delivery Prescription collection and drop off. I am enhanced CRB checked. If you can collect from Merton Meal and Market on a Thursday the petrol charge will be lower. (petrol cost + 3 merts)


2nd or 3rd Pair of Hands If you need a 2nd pair of hands for anything from cleaning to moving house, give me a shout. As there are two of us, we are happy to both come to help :) (Fuel in 's plus hourly rate 8 merts)
Cleaner I have 6 years cleaning experience. Have all my own cleaning products, Hoover, mop etc. I live in Sheepwash. (hourly rate 5 + 5 merts)
Shopping This is either for me to take you or for me to do your shopping for you. Email or telephone me your list, in time I will get to know what substitutions are acceptable for you. I am enhanced CRB checked. (shopping + petrol + hourly 5 merts)


Dog sitting at Merton Market I can mind your dog while you shop at the Merton Market at the rate of 4 + 4 Merts per hour rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour. I will be available at the market, or message me to arrange a time. (hourly rate 4 + 4 merts)
Dog Walking Companionship Free dog walking companionship in the Bideford (or frequent bus) areas. I have a registered assistance dog. (hourly rate = 0 merts)


Lifts When I visited Merton on 12th February, Kiz kindly arranged for a lift, and if I visit again, this service will be appreciated.
Lifts in Merton. I can offer to drive anyone in Merton that needs to go to hospital appoints/GP surgeries.


Support In the early stages of setting up MertsLETS, I am representing LETSlink UK in providing advice and technical support.