"How To" Website Guide for Members

WELCOME LETTER: when you account is set up you will receive an email with your four-digit ID (which you need to memorise - or write down somewhere where it can't be identified) and password, which you can always change - it's the first item on My Profile, which you should access as soon as you have logged in.

PASSWORD: If you ever forget your password, go to the Contact Us page, and there's a password reset link which generates a new random password and sends it to you by email.

MY PROFILE: This section has all the links you need to update your own profile. Please be accurate in keeping this data up to date. Please check if your neighbourhood matches the Location Grid on the Local Links page, if your Neighbourhood is not shown, please ask the Administrator to add it to the grid. In the About Me box, please put some introductory information including your availability and a link to you website if relevant. For specific Offers & Wants, you need to create listings. Do please upload a photo - it makes all the difference - if you can't do this on your own, ask someone to take a photo of you and send the image to the administrator, telling us your name.

MAKING CONTACT: When you click on one of the listings, in either the Members List or the Offers & Wants, the profile of that member comes up, including their contact details, but if you need to know their home address, don't forget to ask. You can call them, or if you click on their email address an mailbox appears which you can use.

TRANSACTIONS: Please show a transaction even if you are swapping. You can send an invoice or a payment. If you want to use cheques, or a trading sheet, as long as there is a local "administrator" to do the online transactions for you, we will upload a document which you can a download for use on group projects or by tall-holders on trading days.

USEFUL PAGES - these link to additional information and we will add to others as appropriate.

If there's ANYTHING ELSE you are struggling with, or isn't clear, please email us via Contact Us and we will answer your query and include the answer in these instructions.